Ceramic tiles made of fired clay serves
as a detail solution for the construction
of decorative wall radiant heating and heating panels. It’s use of traditional technology to create a modern form.
The starting point is the craftsmanship and the goal is a contemporary design.
This timeless, 100% eco product made
of formable clay emits a pleasant warmth resembling those of traditional tiled stoves. Three dimentional surface pattern in two sizes gives a multitude
of graphic images depending on the light angle of incidence. Pattern is intended to both increase heating surface and serve
as a decoration.






Caldo ceramic tile, To Do Product Design
  Project is based on almost forgotten craftsmanship of tile-stove setters and potters.
We were inspired by the history of the tiled stove, dating back to the XI century in Cracow. This old device for warming an interior space became an important piece of equipment during the Renaissance period in Poland. Had not only a radiant function been helping in the survival in a cold climate, but also it created an atmosphere of the house, often becoming a work of art. Nowadays stoves are increasingly being replaced with gas and electric heating mainly because of pollution that they produce.
Asking ourselves how the traditional tiles made of fired clay could find customers in today's market we have come up with an idea of a ceramic wall radiant heating panels. This solution tackles problem of air pollution generating by tiled stoves. We can keep the traditional technology dressed in modern pattern.
TODO, product design, Katarzyna Jakubowska, Tomasz Orzechowski
  Depending on the angle of looking and lighting, the three-dimensional pattern reveals a multitude of graphics.  





caldo, ceramic tile, to do product design