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/ industrial design studio To Do Product DesignEHO acoustic panels reduce noise level improving psychological
condition of the user,
enables clear and effortless
speech communication -
enhance listening experience.

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  • analysis + research
  • market research
  • concept and product development
  • tool design
  • implementation support
  • production optimisation
  • acoustic tests coordination


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We effectively transfer scientific knowledge into design work. Product has the required certificates by experts from the AGH University of ScienceTechnology, the Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics.

How a space sounds is part of its architectural experience. The reverberations appearing
indoors are harmful to the health, interfere with concentration and worsen our quality of life.

EHO acoustic panel system is
a combination of absorber and
diffuser in one. This hybrid
solution effectively reduces noise and controls reverberation.

eho acoustic panels 6
eho acoustic panels

eho acoustic panels 3