3d printer fmd work station

3d printer fmd technology todo product design  

A concept which idea was to create work station nacessary for modeller to prepare comlete 3d model.
There are five components which respond to modeler activities:

1. Computer station to prepare STL     files.
2. 3d printer (FMD technology).
3. "Dirty table" to polish and stick     together parts of a model.
4. A painting station.
5. "Clean table" to apply graphics     and pack model for shipping.

3D printer case is no longer close isolated place. Printer is able to work in a room temperature.

  3d printer fmd technology todo product design  
  Every part of the station is based on alluminium profile. There is a rail along the profile for easy montage (add or remove) appropriate tools.  
  todo product design 3d print fmd construction  
  ergonomic analysis modeler work station